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Subject: Growing Up Sexual - Chapter XLIIIGrowing Up SexualNo forewords. No sales pitches. No suggestions as to what I presently
like on Nifty (altho Reaping The Whirlwind in college and The Quarry in
high school continue to russian nymph porn galleries be great, well-written stories).Just realise that you need to be a legal adult in your country to read
this chapter. More and more countries are putting thought police on the
net - ostensibly to get at sexual predators but mainly to trap underaged
kids just beginning to stretch their wings and/or to destroy those
archives and boards that are explicit. To the christian nazis out there,
realise that you don't have to like homosexual erotica for it to be as
legal as the crap you think we should read.For the legal adults who read my stories and enjoy them - welcome. I hope
you'll enjoy this chapter.Dave MacMillanChapter 43
The next day at school, Billy, Lindy and me all pulled the wagons up and
formed something of a circle around Richard. Broughton and the Weekses
were there before class, at lunch, after class. Nobody was getting to
Richard without going through his friends first. Clem wasn't about to
tell him to meet the two of them without us knowing about it and stopping
him.I noticed some senior boys were whispering in the halls before classes
began - mostly football players russian whipping and their buddies. By second period, the
whispering was going on in all halls and included juniors. I didn't see
any football players now. "What's going on?" I asked Lindy as we passed a
couple of boys, but he just shrugged.Richard entered his next class and Lindy looked back at the boys. I did
too. They were still whispering but they weren't looking at us. "At
least, we aren't the subject of their gossip," russian thumbs gallery
he grumbled. "I've got to
get to algebra. Catch you next period, Vic." I nodded, looked at the boys
once more, and slipped into the classroom that Richard had already
entered.I was standing in the cafeteria line when Charlie Howe sidled up to me.
He already had his tray so nobody was going to get pissed that he might
be trying to break into line. "I hear you honkies got a real live queer
in your midst," he said, his voice loud enough that people on either side
of russian black sex me heard him. He grinned widely. "Guess this colored boy's gonna have
to start being careful in the showers." We all just stared at him, lunch
forgotten - the others in line wanting to hear more and me wondering why
Charlie was about to out me."Oh?" I said, trying to sound nonchalant."Yeah ... Ronnie Varnadore is telling everybody about the boy he cornholed
before Jesus saved him."I turned white then. I couldn't breathe. I was sure I was going to extreme russian porn
right there."Who?" somebody from beside me demanded."Clem Stokes is the way I hear it," Charlie said. He winked at me as I
swallowed my heart and took a deep breath after I'd found out everybody
in Soul wasn't going to know about me.It took me a few minutes to start thinking again and, by that time,
Charlie had already settled in at a table and was eating the school slop.
Clem Stokes? Ronnie Varnadore had fucked him? Ronnie was outting him?
What the hell was going on?
The Weeks brothers and Broughton made it down to the freshman hall as
soon as the bus bell rang and were waiting for Richard at the door of his
last class of the day. Billy, Lindy, and I closed in beside the 3 bigger
boys and made a phalanx around Richard Lee as we quick marched him out to
the back parking russian spunks lot. I didn't even see Clem.All of us climbed into Broughton's car - except for Henry and Jimmy.
Lindy and Broughton were in the front seat, Billy and I sat on either
side of Richard in the back. The Weekses just waved and started back into
the school. "Where are they going?" Billy asked.Broughton started the car and looked over the back of the seat at him.
"They told me to tell Clyde that they'd be out to his place no more than
30 minutes after us - something they needed to do, I guess." He drove
around the 9th grade wing and started through the parking lot for the
road.All 5 of us were pretty quiet as we drove out russian amatuer porn
towards Clyde's. I didn't
know what the others nude russian girls were thinking but I was feeling let down. I'd
imagined myself whizzing out like Batman or Robin and battling Fatman
himself to get Richard away from school safely. Instead, I hadn't seen
Clem at all. cute nude russian
It was almost as if Richard hadn't needed us. As if he
didn't really need me.I felt fingers caressing my knee then and pulled myself back from my
thoughts. Richard's hand. I looked towards him. He was watching me,
smiling. "Thanks, Vic - for everything," he whispered. "I really do love
you, babe."I grinned back. He was infectious. "I love you too," I said tgp czech russian
as softly as
he had spoken a moment before."You 2 getting mushy over here?" Billy asked, leaning halfway into his
brother. He looked from Richard to me and back and shook his head. "Jeez,
you 2 have it bad.""Leave it alone, brother!" Richard growled.Billy looked from one of us to the other again and shrugged. "Whatever-"
He turned to the front seat and started talking to Lindy about their
Spanish homework."You okay?" I asked Richard."Yeah, I guess so." He smiled sheepishly. "I sorta don't like people
sticking their noses in my business - even my brother.""How about me?"His eyes locked on mine for several minutes. "You belong in my life,
Vic," he said finally. "In every single part of it, no matter how little.
For as long as you want to be there."I leant closer and touched his lips with mine.
* russian cock suckers * *
"He's standing out here just like you told him to be," russian ilegal kids girls Henry told his
twin as they approached the Stokes' house.Jimmy chuckled as his litle russian girls
brother slowed the car down. "Yeah. I guess russian galleries thumbs
I did
scare him a little - threatening him with everybody in middle school
knowing he's queer russian dark nude collection by the end of the week.""So, he's going to take a ride with us-" Henry mused as their speed
dropped below 30 and he stuck his hand out to show he was turning. "He
gets fucked like the others have - but we need that damned movie."Jimmy shrugged. "So, we send him back in to get it.""You think he'll go back in and get it? Just video sexe russian like that?""He's still scared as shit that we'll get the word around about him.
Clem's reinforcing it, I'll bet - giving him a capsule version of what
it's like to have the whole school think you're queer. He'll go back and
get it." He sniggered. "I'll bet he's just like Joe and Ronnie - as soon
as he finds out what a hard dick up his ass feels like, he's going to
want one there all the time."Henry pulled into the Stokes' drive and russian cock suckers stopped the car beside the boy.
"Your ma already gone back to work?" he asked.Cary was sweating. He was scared.He hadn't been able to believe what Clem had told him as soon as their
mother had left. It was Richard Lee who was queer. Nobody knew that his
older brother had sucked Cary russian sweet nudes off regularly before they found the dirty
movie at their aunt's house in Macon. But Clem was saying that it was all
over school that he was queer as a three dollar bill.Then, before he could even start to pull his thoughts back together, the
phone rang and Jimmy Weeks was calmly asking him if he wanted it spread
all over the middle school that he was like his older brother.That had floored him. He'd agreed to meet Jimmy right then. It was only
after he'd started walking down the drive back to the road to meet the
twins that he started trying to think about why the Weekses wanted to see
him."What're you going to do to me?" he asked russian galleries thumbs timidly as the car stopped in
front of him.Henry grinned. "Not a hell of a lot - maybe fuck you a couple of times in
the butt ...""I ain't queer!" Cary cried.Jimmy leant across russian defloration video the seat to be able to see the boy's face through his
brother's window. "Of course, you ain't," he agreed amiably. "Old Clem
does all the sucking in your family free russian rape sites and, because you're such a young
squirt and your pee pee stays hard, he bends over for you too."Cary stared at the twin looking out at him. At that moment, he accepted
that he and Clem were dead meat. He was the Weeks boys to do with however
they wanted. He just couldn't understand how it'd happened."You've got a movie we want, squirt. Be a good little boy and go get it-""I-" Cary took a step back from the car.Jimmy grinned out at him. "If you ain't back out here with the movie and
climbing into the back seat in 5 minutes, Cary Stokes, your name and
phone number are going up in every boys' bathroom at the middle school.
This very afternoon. Tomorrow, they start going up in the toilets over at
the high school. By the weekend, we'll even have to listed on the stalls
at that truckstop out on US 1. How're you going to explain to your ma all
the phone calls you're going to be getting?" Jimmy sat back then and
watched the boy work his way through his threat."I'll go get it," Cary said in surrender and turned back towards the
house."Run," Henry called after him. Laughing, he turned to face Jimmy. "That's
one scared little fucker.""He'll do anything he's told to do right now, and he won't even try to
fight it.""He's awfully young, Jimmy-"Jimmy Weeks watched Cary run up to the door of his house. "Yeah. He
does.""No matter what Clyde comes up with this afternoon, I suggest we keep our
dicks in our pants."Jimmy nodded. "No matter how much I like a tight ass, I just don't get
into wanting a baby to fuck.""So, we play chauffeur for the kid and that's all?""I vote 14 yo nude russian for that.""Me too," Henry agreed as the boy slipped through the door with a film
reel in russian adult sex his hand and began to run towards them.
* * *
We were sitting out on the patio when Jimmy Weeks came around the house.
Broughton, Lindy, Billy, Richard, me, Julian, and Clyde - we all turned
to watch him approach us. He was grinning from ear to ear as he stepped
onto the stone russian bride hot and handed Clyde the movie reel. "You said that you wanted
this," he said proudly.Clyde looked at the reel, glanced over at Richard, then looked up at
Jimmy. "How did you get it? You didn't break in at the Stokeses, did
you?"Jimmy managed nude russian hotties to look insulted while trying to hide his smile. "Cary gave
it to me to give to you - when he got into the car.""He's here?" Richard groaned."Sitting quietly out at the car with Henry-" His grin spread across his
face. littl russian schoolgirls "Waiting for you guys to invite him in.""Does he know why he's here?" Broughton asked.Jimmy shrugged. "I imagine panties russian that he's got an idea." His grin came back to
take over his face again. "He'll be pretty certain once he sees russian porn stars Richard
here. Want me to go get him?"Clyde glanced to Broughton and saw him give a nearly imperceptible nod.
He turned to Richard then. "Nephew, you - none of you - can hurt him. The
whole purpose of a meeting like this is to pull down someone who's
threatening to expose you - pull him down to your level. Cary used this
movie-" He held the reel over his head. "He used it to make you bend over
and let him fuck you. He used it to make you suck his older brother off.
He threatened to expose you as a queer. Richard, what happens this
afternoon is your chance russian wide open pussies to bring him down a notch or two."He grinned. "Not for you. You already know he's as queer as you are. This
is your chance to strip him of the superiority illegal xxx russian pictures
he sees himself having
over you, to make the field even between they two of you again. You can
strip him if he resists. You can make him take your dick in his mouth as
long as you don't break any bones doing so. You cannot rape him. Do you
agree to those terms?"Richard nodded. Clyde looked to Billy, then me, and finally to Lindy.
Each of us nodded our agreement to his terms. "You and Henry can bring
young Cary on around," he told Jimmy Weeks.
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